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VIVE - Det Nationale Forsknings- og Analysecenter for Velfærd.
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Social Policy and Welfare


The department of Social Policy and Welfare focuses on vulnerable groups such as homeless people and people with addictions, but also on elderly people and people with disabilities. What these target groups have in common are that they all, to some extent, use and/or depend on social interventions and public welfare in general, such as large scale programmes and new innovative interventions. Therefore the department carries out research on how social interventions and public welfare affect behaviour and distribution, as well as on care for vulnerable groups, , social work, efficiency and quality of welfare service and social aspects of health.

The department carries out projects, for example, for the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior, the National Board of Social Services, the Danish Health Authority, the Ministry of Health, Local Government Denmark (KL, the national advocacy organisation of Danish municipalities), Danish Handicap Organisations, and the EU.

Head of Research

Kræn Blume Jensen

Head of Research
Phone +45 33 69 77 99 Email kbj@vive.dk

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