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Research Fellow Programme


The aim of the SFI Research Fellow programme is to facilitate research networking by supporting ongoing collaborations between SFI researchers and researchers elsewhere.

SFI provides access to survey and register data from fellow’s home institution for specific joint research projects with an SFI researcher. Fellows will be encouraged to visit regularly, present their work at SFI seminars, informally discuss work-in-progress with SFI researchers and comment on working papers or grant proposals.

Fellows should acknowledge their SFI Research Fellow affiliation alongside their other positions and are encouraged to submit work-in-progress to the SFI working paper series when appropriate.

From the outset, collaborations should be project financed; however the programme can support visits to SFI between funded projects.

How to join the program? Research Fellows should be collaborating with SFI researchers, or have been doing so in the recent past. Research Fellows must be nominated by an SFI researcher and are appointed by the Executive Director of Researcher after review in the Internal Research Council (IFR).

Research Fellows are appointed for a renewable 3-year term.

For more information, contact Executive Director of Research Torben Tranæs.

SFI Research Fellows

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