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VIVE - Det Nationale Forsknings- og Analysecenter for Velfærd.
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Employment, Education and Social inclusion


The department of Employment, Education and Social Inclusion conducts labour market research and research on the inclusion into society of vulnerable groups. Research areas include evaluation of the employment effects of labour market policies, policy implementation, area-based interventions in deprived neighbourhoods, and the integration of ethnic minorities. Hence research at the department covers topics such as:

  • Labour supply and demand
  • Disincentive effects of unemployment and cash benefit schemes and duration
  • Employment for the disabled
  • Retirement and pensions
  • The importance of human capital and different types of competencies to succeed in the labour market
  • Policy tools, management and street-level bureaucrats in the employment field
  • Neighbourhood effects and effects from area-based interventions, educational and employment trajectories among ethnic minorities
  • Family life and social integration among ethnic minorities in a broader perspective.

Projects from this department are commissioned by: The Danish Ministry of Employment and its agencies, the Ministry of Business and Growth, the Ministry of Finance Division for Labour Market and Income Transfers and the Ministry for Immigration, Integration and Housing.

Head of Research

Lisbeth Pedersen

Phone +45 29 43 53 60 Email lp@vive.dk

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