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Rehabilitation Within Elderly Care
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Rehabilitation Within Elderly Care

Test of a Rehabilitation Programme Model in Two Municipalities

Rehabilitation is a concept that has attracted much attention within elderly care in recent years. The goal of rehabilitation is to help the elderly with decreased functional capacity regain their functional capacity and obtain as much autonomy and quality of life as possible.

The report presents an evaluation of a model rehabilitation programme within elderly care that has been developed by the Danish Health Authority and was tested in the municipalities of Syddjurs and Slagelse in 2015-2016. The evaluation describes the elderly people and their rehabilitation process. Moreover the report analyses developments in their functional capacity and how they experience their rehabilitation programme. Furthermore, the report analyses the payroll costs and the time spent by the municipalities, and implementation of the rehabilitation model is examined from the perspective of employees and management.

The evaluation reveals that the elderly generally improve their functional capacity during their rehabilitation programme, and that they are very satisfied with the rehabilitation programme they have completed. The examination also reveals that employees and managers support the rehabilitation approach with focus on increased interdisciplinarity and efforts based on the wishes and needs of the elderly.

The evaluation was financed by the Danish Health Authority.
Lauritzen, H. H., Bjerre, M., Graff, L., Rostgaard, T., Casier, F., & Fridberg, T. (2017). Rehabilitering på ældreområdet: Afprøvning af en model for rehabiliteringsforløb i to kommuner. København: SFI - Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd. SFI-Rapport, Nr. 17:17
Author(s) Heidi Hesselberg Lauritzen, SFI
Maj Bjerre
Lea Graff
Tine Rostgaard, SFI
Freya Casier, SFI
Torben Fridberg, SFI
Publication date 27.06.2017
Publisher SFI - Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd
Language Danish
ISSN 1396-1810
E-ISBN 978-87-7119-448-7
Nr. of pages 194
Publication No. 17:17
Department Social Policy and Welfare
keywords Care for the elderly
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Heidi Hesselberg Laurizen

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DIRECT +45 33 48 08 82 EMAIL hhl@vive.dk

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