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Internal Management and Perceived Managerial Trustworthiness
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Internal Management and Perceived Managerial Trustworthiness

Evidence from a Survey Experiment

What is the effect of internal public management on individuals’ perceptions of managerial trustworthiness (MTW)? MTW is associated with a range of positive organizational outcomes, but research examining how a public manager might affect employees’ perception of MTW is sparse. This article complements extant research on MTW in public organizations with causal evidence from a randomized survey experiment among 1,829 U.S. residents. We examine how five aspects of internal public management affect individuals’ perception of MTW: (a) setting challenging but feasible goals, (b) making credible commitments, (c) encouraging employee participation, (d) providing frequent performance feedback, and (e) rewarding employees who perform well. We find positive effects of the “credible commitment” and “performance feedback” treatments on overall MTW perception. In addition, we find significant effects for four of the treatments (a-d) when looking separately at the three sub-dimensions that together comprise the multidimensional MTW construct (ability, benevolence, and integrity).
Pedersen, M. J., & Stritch, J. M. (2016). Internal Management and Perceived Managerial Trustworthiness: Evidence from a Survey Experiment. The American Review of Public Administration, 48(1), 67-81. DOI: 10.1177/0275074016657179
Author(s) Mogens Jin Pedersen, SFI
Justin M. Stritch
Publication date 22.08.2016
Published in The American Review of Public Administration
Language English
Department Social Policy and Welfare
keywords Welfare State, Theory and methods

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