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Exit Prostitution

Evaluation of the CTI Programme for People Who Have Worked in Prostitution

From 2012 to 2016, the Critical Time Intervention (CTI) method was tested for prostitution in the cities of Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense. This report evaluates the results.

CTI has previously provided positive results in connection with social work with vulnerable groups such as the homeless. Based on these positive experiences, it was decided to test CTI with women and men who have sold sexual services and who wish to improve their current life situation and possibly stop selling sex. The CTI method is based on the participants’ individual wishes and needs and it creates holistic efforts linked to one fixed support person.

Overall, the evaluation shows that the four municipalities had positive experience: Fewer individuals were at risk of developing stress and depression, participants mentioned improved confidence, improved relationships with friends and family, improved financial situation, and some individuals no longer sold sex. The survey also showed that it is important that the support person is familiar with the sex trade and can navigate the social services.

The project was funded by the public pool of funds and managed by the National Board of Social Services, who asked SFI to carry out the evaluation.
Henriksen, T. D., Mehlsen, L., Kjær, A. A., & Amilon, A. (2017). Exit Prostitution: Evaluering af CTI-forløb for borgere med prostitutionserfaring. København: SFI - Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd. SFI-Rapport, Nr. 17:13
Author(s) Theresa Dyrvig, SFI
Line Mehlsen, SFI
Agnete Aslaug Kjær, SFI
Anna Amilon, SFI
Publication date 30.03.2017
Publisher SFI - Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd
Language Danish
ISSN 1396-1810
ISBN 978-87-7119-441-8
E-ISBN 978-87-7119-442-5
Nr. of pages 272
Publication No. 17:13
Department Social Policy and Welfare
keywords Vulnerable groups
Contact person

Theresa Dyrvig

Contact person
DIRECT +45 33 48 08 48 EMAIL tfd@vive.dk

This publication is part of the project "Exit prostitution"

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