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Evaluation of "Physicians attached permanently to care centres"
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Evaluation of "Physicians attached permanently to care centres"

A pilot project

This report evaluates the pilot project "physicians attached permanently to care centres”, which ran from 2012 to 2014. The overall objective of the project is to create better quality for residents at seven care centres by attaching a permanent physician to the centres to strengthen communication and cooperation between the care centres and general practitioners. This cooperation will create higher professional insight, better handling of medication, greater continuity in care and treatment courses, and reduce the number of hospital admissions. The evaluation shows that there has been a reduction in hospital admissions for residents at the seven care centres, that contact with out-of-hours medical services has been reduced, and that medication management improved during the pilot project. In addition, the cooperation between physician and nursing staff improves when a permanent physician is attached. Physicians and nursing staff assess that the care and treatment courses of residents have been improved by the pilot project. The perspectives of the project also include financial advantages. This report was commissioned by the National Board of Social Services, which is also responsible for project management of the pilot project.
Weatherall, C. D., Lauritzen, H. H., Hansen, A. T., & Termansen, T. (2014). Evaluering af "Fast tilknyttede læger på plejecentre": Et pilotprojekt. København: SFI - Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd. SFI-Rapport, Nr. 14:16
Author(s) Cecilie Dohlmann Weatherall
Heidi Hesselberg Lauritzen, SFI
Anne Toft Hansen, SFI
Tina Termansen
Publication date 29.08.2014
Publisher SFI - Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd
Language Danish
ISSN 1396-1810
ISBN 978-87-7119-250-6
E-ISBN 978-87-7119-251-3
Nr. of pages 160
Publication No. 14:16
Department Vulnerable Children, Day Care and Schooling
keywords Care for the elderly, Societal and employment-related aspects of health
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