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Children Who Experience Domestic Abuse
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Children Who Experience Domestic Abuse

Extent and Consequences

The purpose of this survey is to identify the percentage of children that experience domestic violence and to identify the personal and societal consequences when a child grows up in a family subjected to domestic violence.

The survey deals with children whose father and/or mother is registered in a Danish public register as a violent offender or as a victim of violence - this means children who see, hear or otherwise experience the consequences of physical or sexual acts of violence, involving either both or one of their parents. This survey differentiates from other surveys on domestic violence because it is based on register data rather than case studies or questionnaires, as is more often the case.

The report explores four questions: How many children experience domestic violence and how many of these children are victims of domestic violence themselves? What characterises families subjected to domestic violence and what risk factors are connected with a child who experiences domestic violence? What are the consequences for children and young people who experience domestic violence? Finally, what are the economic consequences for society as a whole when children grow up in an environment with domestic violence?
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Vincent, S., Bøg, M., & Lindberg, M. R. (2017). Børn, der oplever vold i familien: Omfang og konsekvenser. København. SFI-Rapport, Nr. 17:02
Author(s) Stéphanie Vincent, SFI
Martin Bøg
Malene Rudolf Lindberg, SFI
Publication date 31.01.2017
Language Danish
ISSN 1396-1810
ISBN 978-87-7119-409-8
E-ISBN 978-87-7119-410-4
Nr. of pages 145
Publication No. 17:02
Department Social Policy and Welfare
keywords Vulnerable children and youth, Family policy
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Stéphanie Vincent Lyk-Jensen

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DIRECT +45 33 48 09 34 EMAIL svj@vive.dk

This publication is part of the project "Children witnessing domestic violence - Human and economic consequences"

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