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The impact of Feedback Informed Treatment in floating support service - a randomized controlled trial

Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) is a systematic feedback method. FIT is based on two simple questionnaires and aims to assess and improve the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment. Treatment outcomes are assessed with the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS), a four-item self-report instrument measuring client functioning in the area of quality of life. Therapeutic alliance is assessed using the four-item Session Rating Scale (SRS). In FIT the feedback from the client is used to continuous adjustment and improvement of therapy. SFI will study the effect of using feedback in social work with floated support in the municipality of Copenhagen. Floating Support is a service that provides housing related support to vulnerable citizens to enable them to maintain their independence in their own home. The project is based on three different types of floating support. The aim of floating support is to improve the citizen's mental, physical and social well-being and thereby makes it more likely that the citizen can live independently at home. The study is a randomized controlled trial in which half of the caseworkers are allocated to be trained in the use of FIT, while the other half serves as a control group and will continue to work as usual. SFI is studying whether FIT can help to improve the impact of the floating support service on the citizen's mental, physical and social well-being and the citizens’ likelihood of living in their own homes.
Project manager Jan Hyld Pejtersen, SFI
Project period 01.01.2015 - 30.04.2017
Status Completed
Department Social Policy and Welfare
keywords Social housing sector, Social housing initiatives, Vulnerable groups, Addicts
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Jan Hyld Pejtersen

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