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The Danish Longitudinal Survey of Children (DALSC) (18 years of age)

Since 1996, SFI has followed a representative sample of 6,000 Danish children who were born in the autumn of 1995 (BFU) and a small sample of children from ethnic minority backgrounds (EFU). Until now six waves of data collections have been carried out among the Danish children and their families: when the children were 4-5 months (1996), 3 ½ years (1999) 7 years (2003), 11 years (2006/07) 15 years (2011) and 18 years (2014). In 2003 SFI launched a longitudinal study of all children from the same cohort who were or had been in an out-of home placement (AFU); this study section has so far been carried out four times (2003, 2007, 2011, 2014). From the very start of the study it was planned to collect data on the 1995- cohort every three to four years throughout the childhood and youth with the opportunity to follow this cohort into adulthood. The longitudinal studies contribute to provide knowledge about factors and interventions that influence children's development paths in favorable or unfavorable ways, and can thus provide insight on what affects individuals' life chances. This project involves analysis of the sixth wave of BFU, the fourth wave of AFU, complemented with a data collection among a representative sample of young people from the 1995-cohort with an ethnic minority background.
Project manager Jens-Peter Thomsen, SFI
Participants Karen Margrethe Dahl, SFI
Siddhartha Baviskar, SFI
Christopher Jamil de Montgomery, SFI
Signe Frederiksen, SFI
Maria Hedemark Poulsen, SFI
Mette Lausten, SFI
Mai Heide Ottosen, SFI
Stine Vernstrøm Østergaard, SFI
Rikke Fuglsang Olsen, SFI
Jeanette Østergaard, SFI
Dines Andersen, SFI
Project period 01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016
Status Completed
Department Vulnerable Children, Day Care and Schooling
keywords Child and youth policy
Contact person

Jens-Peter Thomsen

Contact person
DIRECT +45 33 48 08 35 EMAIL jpt@vive.dk

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