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There has for some years been a trend towards better and more developed documentation of the effect of social policies. This is especially true for policies sufficiently standardized and well documented to known be known as “methods” of social policy. The methods are typically adequate for target groups of a certain size - while interventions or practices aimed at smaller target groups are inherently more difficult to document than those aimed at slightly larger target groups. Yet, a great job is performed in the municipalities, target group facilities, etc. to improve on how well citizens are doing, e.g. for small target groups with specific disabilities and needs. Here, practice is more difficult to document with regards to its effect -- and therefore, it should be considered using a continuum, allowing for practices to be recognized as serving the aims and conducive for the situation of the target group, even though an actual measurement of effect in the usual sense is not feasible or has not yet been performed. Therefore, it is interesting to build a typology (or above continuum, if you will) for the evaluation of practices - so practice can be categorized as safe practice, where there is effect measurement in the conventional sense and this shows a positive effect, as well as promising practices, where certain criteria are met or certain factors are present, but where there is no measurement of effect -- typically because the effect measurement in the usual sense is impossible. Therefore, Socialstyrelsen and the SFI work together on a project looking to build such a typology and carry out a mapping of the area based on the typology. The project is very exploratory in its scope and in its construction, meaning, firstly, that while it is the goal to build a genuine typology, it is recognized from the outset that it is not necessarily possible to build a final and concise typology. In continuation thereof, the suggested typology as well as the mapping should be seen as proposals that will be adjusted and changed during the process. It also means that Socialstyrelsen, steering committee and project advisory group and stakeholders in general will be involved as far as possible during the project.
Project manager Anna Amilon, SFI
Project period 01.09.2015 - 31.12.2016
Status Completed
Department Social Policy and Welfare
keywords Disability policy, Vulnerable groups
Contact person

Anna Amilon

Contact person
DIRECT +45 33 48 08 14 EMAIL ame@vive.dk

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