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Evaluation of welfare technology in eldercare living facilities in Aarhus

SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI) conducts an evaluation of welfare technology in eldercare living facilities in the municipality of Aarhus. The evaluation considers whether the welfare technology has led to changes in a) quality of life, b) employees' work environment and c) the municipality's economy. SFI's evaluation will be based on the following data sources: Observations of practice, qualitative interviews with citizens, focus group interviews with employees, survey measurements, data on costs associated with the various welfare technology solutions, measurements of employees' time spent on different tasks, statistics on employee absenteeism and interviews with managers and key personnel in Aarhus. Based on this, SFI develops a business case for full implementation of the welfare technology solutions. The project is funded by Digitaliseringsstyrelsen.
Project manager Ditte Andersen, SFI
Participants Kristoffer Markwardt, SFI
Lena Bech Larsen, SFI
Marie Anna Svendsen, SFI
Project period 01.02.2015 - 31.12.2016
Status Completed
Department Social Policy and Welfare
keywords Care for the elderly
Contact person

Ditte Andersen

Contact person
DIRECT +45 33 48 09 13 EMAIL den@vive.dk
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