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Evaluation of three interventions for families with a disable child

National and international studies indicate that families with a disabled child have a higher usage of doctors, psychologists and couples therapy, and families with a disabled child have more conflicts within the family and a higher incidence of stress. The National Board of Social Services have initiated three types of interventions aiming at strengthen the family's ability to cope with a having a disabled child. SFI evaluate the three interventions which include: The evidence-based parenting program Stepping Stones from Australia, a parenting courses and an intervention based on therapeutic assistance. The evaluation uses different methods. The implementations of the intervention are mainly evaluated using qualitative interviews. The effect of the interventions is evaluated based on a questionnaire survey before and after the interventions. The questionnaire includes items on parenting skills, coping with family life, stress in the family and family conflict. Finally, the economic aspect of the interventions are evaluated as well.
Project manager Jan Hyld Pejtersen, SFI
Project period 20.10.2015 - 31.12.2017
Status Completed
Department Social Policy and Welfare
keywords Family pattern, Inclusion, Health economics, Mixed methods, Civic participation
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Jan Hyld Pejtersen

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