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Abstract Evaluation of substance abuse treatment for teens below 18 years The Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI) will be measuring and evaluating three well documented programs for substance abuse treatment directed towards young people below the age of 18 years. The evaluation is part of a project undertaken by Servicestyrelsen funded through the governmental pool for “Equal Opportunities”. SFI will be conducting the evaluation of the three models at the price of approximately 4.000.000 during a period of time stretching from 2011 to medio 2015. The three treatment models are: U-turn (Originally implemented in Copenhagen), the Aarhus model (originally implemented in Aarhus) and Multisystemic Therapy – Contingency Management (MST-CM – originally implemented in the USA). Each of the models for substance abuse treatment is implemented in 2 different cities throughout Denmark, and thus 6 different cities all over the country will be participating. The cities are Horsens, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense,
Project manager Jan Hyld Pejtersen, SFI
Participants Tina Termansen, SFI
Theresa Dyrvig, SFI
Nete Krogsgaard Niss, SFI
Project period 01.01.2012 - 31.12.2015
Status Completed
Department Vulnerable Children, Day Care and Schooling
keywords Addicts, Vulnerable children and youth
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Jan Hyld Pejtersen

Contact person
DIRECT +45 33 48 08 98 EMAIL jhp@vive.dk

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