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Continuity, distinctiveness, and the purposes of a long life: Empirical investigation of late life priorities

We are living longer than ever before. But is late life an extension of midlife or is it<br/>a distinctive part of life with its own set of priorities? These questions are crucial in<br/>order to develop policies to unlock the potentials of longevity. This project focuses<br/>on late-life distinctiveness. Using data from the Danish Longitudinal Study of<br/>Ageing, we investigate whether age-specific life priorities emerge among Danish<br/>older adults, and how the manifestation of these is modified by factors like<br/>socioeconomic status and employment. We also compare Danish and Australian<br/>older adults in order to investigate, whether the Danish welfare model better allows<br/>people to express their potential and manifest age-specific priorities. With a novel<br/>combination of data analysis and a investigation of theoretical debates around implications of a long life, this project not only seeks evidence to analyze competing theories of adult ageing, but also promises novel insight into a growing<br/>social issue.<br/>
Project manager Anu Siren, SFI
Project period 01.11.2018 - 31.10.2020
Status To be initiated
keywords Comparative analysis, Living conditions, Care for the elderly
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Anu Siren

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DIRECT +45 33 69 77 53 EMAIL anu@vive.dk

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