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Theresa Dyvig Henriksen
Email tfd@vive.dk
Phone +45 33 48 08 48
Ph.D.-Scholar, cand.scient.soc

Theresa Dyrvig


Area of work

Theresa Dyrvig Henriksen is a sociologist by discipline whose research interests include the study of socially disadvantaged adults. Her ph.d.dissertation is called "Pathways to Prsotitution" and focuses on the social background and motivations of people in prostitution. The study includes both qualitative and quantitative data. The former being lifestory interviews and the latter being the use of national register data. Internationally, the inclusion of register data in research about prostitution, is unique and provides the opportunity to examine the social background of men and women in prostitution with an unseen level of detail. In addition the inclusion of lifestory interviews provides knowledge on what people selling sex consider to be of importance, when explaining their involvement in prostitution. The interviews will also give the opportunity to analyze constructions of identity and how negotiations of social identity unfold during the course of an interview.

Theresa Dyvig Henriksen
Title Ph.D.-Scholar
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