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Ditte Andersen
Email den@vive.dk
Phone +45 33 48 09 13
Senior Researcher

Ditte Andersen


Area of work

My research interests revolve around the interplay between individual narratives and state-sponsored programs of social welfare/social control targeting youth with multidimensional problems related to drugs, crime, mental health and/or family history. Based on ethnographic research I have published work on how individual change is staged and storied in drug treatment for young people. In my postdoctoral work I study social interaction in arenas intersecting medical, legal and social welfare institutions. Specifically, I hope to do video-analysis of how young people and professionals (e.g. from psychiatry, prison service and group homes) use, contest and change individual narratives in case meetings.

Ditte Andersen
Title Senior Researcher
Works with Child and youth policy, Crime, Welfare State, Vulnerable groups
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