SFI og KORA er fusioneret. Vores nye navn er
VIVE - Det Nationale Forsknings- og Analysecenter for Velfærd.
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The SFI administration consists of a Management Secretariat, Finance and Human Resources, Research Library, and It and Service. The Management Secretariat handles management assistance, communication, and press relations. Finance and Human Resources takes care of financial management and keeps track of employees at SFI. The Research Library helps researchers find and access literature, and It and Service operates hardware and software and takes care of buildings and day to day maintenance.


Hanne Friis Kaas

Head of Finance and Administration
Phone +45 22 40 53 63 Email hfk@sfi.dk

Kurt Mathiesen

Special Consultant
Phone +45 33 48 09 43 Email kma@sfi.dk

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