SFI og KORA er fusioneret. Vores nye navn er
VIVE - Det Nationale Forsknings- og Analysecenter for Velfærd.
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SFI har til huse på hjørnet af Herluf Trolles Gade og Holbergsgade lige bag Nyhavn og Det Kgl. Teater

About SFI


The Centre conducts research and carrires out commissioned projects in the area of welfare state policies, and disseminates the results. Its primary task is to generate new knowledge of relevance to society. The Centre is a sector research institution under the Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior. Its primary focus is therefore on matters concerning the Ministry, but it also deals with wider issues such as employment, integration and labour market conditions, economic and family-related issues, and other national and international social conditions and development trends of significance to the living conditions of the population.

The Centre provides

  • International research
  • Independent evaluations
  • Professional data collection
  • Consultancy and dissemination
  • Internationally qualified research studies on the effects of social programmes.

The Centre disseminates its findings from both research and commissioned projects to the public via its website, and by publishing reports, working papers, a quarterly magazine, press releases, presentations, etc. The Centre often also invites people to attend after-work meetings, with its own researchers giving presentations.


The Centre has an independent department. SFI Campbell contributes to improving the knowledge-base for the effects of initiatives in the social and welfare sector. This is achieved by preparing and disseminating systematic research reviews on the effects of social programmes.


The Centre has a total annual budget of over DKK 100 million, of which approx. DKK 70 million is allocated to research and evaluation/elucidation projects. The research is financed in part from a basic appropriation under the Danish Finance Act and in part from foundations, etc. Evaluation and elucidation projects are financed by the initiating party – typically ministries, and local and regional authorities. The Centre employs approx. 140 staff – 60 of whom are researchers.


Overall management of the Centre is the responsibility of the Executive Board, which is independent of the Minister for the Economic Affairs and the Interior and lays down the general guidelines for the Institute’s activities and development. 

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